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Fats carry flavor and as little as a half a tablespoon per serving for a dish can go a long way.  Without flavor, our taste buds do not register satisfaction from foods we eat.  We end up feeling deprived and then get tempted to reach out for junk.    There are many types of cooking fats, butter being one of distinct flavor.  I use it occasionally and variably with other oils.  And why not—it’s certainly not a highly processed food.  All it is an immediate by product of cream.  In fact, some ayurvedic treatments include ghee (clarified butter).  And forget those butter “substitutes”-I can’t even pronounce half of those ingredients on the label (TBHQ?!?!).   Whereas unsalted butter has one simple ingredient: cream (and of course a natural byproduct of bacteria, lactic acid, to help in the formation of the butter curds) .   As always with dairy, opt for organic and grass-fed.

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