Unrefined Sweeteners

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Nature abounds with sweetness–honey, molasses, dates, agave.   These sweeteners are an essential EatFree swap to other more processed varieties such as white sugar or splenda or “brown” sugar (don’t be fooled..this is just white sugar with either coloring or a hint of molasses added back in).   Knowing which to use when in recipes is another matter altogether.  For example while muscavodo sugar works well in producing chewy cookies, agave not so much.  Also while gur (native to India and shown in the picture) works well with the flavors of Indian desserts, it might not be so friendly in European pastry EatFree recipes.  I hope my recipes eventually tune you into which to use when and lead you savoring the complex flavors of nature’s sweet gifts as opposed to the nearly flat flavor profiles of their processed versions.

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