Banned Ingredient: White Sugar

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A lot of ingredients get bad press these days, but in my opinion, none should be looked upon as more treacherous than white sugar and its derivatives.  I find it questionable that some, for example,  may extol the virtues of a vegan (or any “healthy”) diet and espouse recipes and products thereof, but still be including white sugar and its derivatives in diets, foods, and recipes.  It’s seems to me that it would it would make more sense to “demonize” white sugar and its derivatives (and need I say high fructose corn syrup), which have no semblance to their original source whatsoever, as opposed to butter, for example, which is a food close to its natural source.

White sugar and its derivatives include commerical brown sugar (which is simply white sugar with some molasses added back in) and all forms of powdered sugar.  White sugar has been so highly processed from its original source that it lacks any nutritive vitality whatsoever.  When the body intakes foods of this nature, it “asks back” for these  nutritive deficiencies in the form of what we experience as “cravings”.  Eliminate white sugar and its derivatives from your diet with no exception and you will see that your cravings are highly reduced (and you’ll be closer to being able to EatFree!).  If you’re looking for ways to replace white sugar and its derivatives in baking applications, check out my recipe page for ideas.   In the EatFree style of cooking, it is a banned ingredient.  You’ll see no traces of it!

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