Stuffed Puris

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Puris are deep-fried Indian whole wheat breads.  This version has a stuffing inside, making it fit to be eaten alone or with some tea.  These are crispy and tender on the outside, with a spicy filling on the inside.  This recipe draws upon two older recipes, each highlighted below.



  1. Take one third of the chana masala and blend until smooth.  Place in a dry skillet and cook until thoroughly dried out.   Keep stirring until soft-dough ball-like consistency forms.  Set aside.
  2. Meanwhile heat oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Make about 12 balls out of puri dough. Flatten balls using fingers and place a small portion of the dried out chana masala in the center.  Pinch ends and then roll out into small rounds.  (Roll gently as you don’t want any of the filling to tear through the dough).  Drop into hot oil and cook as you would a puri.  Drain on paper towels, repeat for rest, and enjoy!
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