About Me

TV Asia pic (2)Hello Readers!  My name is Reshma  and I’m so glad you’ve taken some time out to take a stop here.  I’m whole-foods culinary enthusiast and am super excited to be able to share my recipes here with you.  My style of “EatFree Cooking” evolved out of the challenge of creating exciting meals for myself that were both nutritionally sound and that would finally put an end to the eternal “diet train” that many of us (including myself at one point) seem to be perpetually riding.  Furthermore, the notion that being “healthier” just required a “lifestyle” change that involved incorporating certain foods  didn’t seem realistic as eating many of these foods without really knowing how to “spruce” them up just sounded like another form of torture.   The core issue seemed to me to be able to reach a place of ultimate freedom that completely removed the desires to eat processed foods altogether: no more guilt, self- control measures, or strict regimens but rather freedom from all such emotional negotiations with food, just how nature intended us to be.   As such, over the years, I’ve managed to develop a style of cooking that would keep my appetite both satiated and the rest of my being balanced without the need for any such negative self-talk :  what I’ve dubbed “EatFree Cooking” .  As such, I hope my collection of whole-foods recipes also teach you how to EatFree!





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