Here I’ll be elaborating upon some of basic principles behind EatFree cooking  and a whole-foods based diet, as well as providing some culinary tips and product recommendations:


PRODUCTS (Like any of these? Buy here.)

Naturally Sweet Exotic Juices

Apple Corer

Mini Blender

Hand Held Grater

Silicone Baking Mat

Temperature Probe

Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Chips

Sea Salt

Crystallized Ginger

Milk Foamer for Lattes

Brown Basmati Rice

Infrared Temperature Gun

Unrefined Sweeteners



5 Tips for Using Spices

How Much Salt?

Deep Frying




Cooking Oils

5 Natural Sweetener Must-Haves

Banned Ingredient: White Sugar

“Shake-it Up” Every Morning!

5 Steps To Overcoming “Guilt” with Food so you can EatFree!

Fundamental Principles Behind An EatFree Lifestyle









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