EatFree:  It’s not about warding off guilt or being disciplined.  It’s about being free.


Gosh I’m so hungry.  That red velvet cake sure looks good.  But that’s probably a whopping 500 calories a slice.  Eating that would make me go way over my calorie count and then I wouldn’t be able to have my ‘cheat day’ on Saturday.  But how about just half a slice, but that would still make me feel so guilty.  I shouldn’t ‘over-indulge’ so much and should just learn how to keep myself in check.  Wait, how about that ‘guilt-free’ fat-free cake I have in the fridge?  But that just doesn’t taste nearly as good.   Ugh sometimes I wish I could just EAT already!..”


Sound too familiar?  Unfortunately it is for too many of us.  Calorie counting, “cheat” days, strict regimented diets, “guilt-free” treats, …sounds like an epidemic of self-abuse to me!  Eating just simply should not involve so much emotional negotiation! I’d like to introduce you to one of the vital steps towards eradicating this sort of negative self-talk by re-training yourself such that you simply lack the desire for such foods altogether because you’ve learned what real food really tastes like (certainly not cloyingly sweet and lacking depth as white sugar).  Real food = foods as close to their natural state as possible.


Even though we’ve all heard by now that eating a whole-foods based diet that minimizes the use of processed ingredients is one of the keys to maintaining optimal levels of health and well-being, the thought of eating smoothies and salads all the time can be quite unappetizing and not to mention boring and bland!  That’s where I come in:  I’d like to offer you recipes that incorporate whole-foods ingredients to create dishes that utilize a balanced and impactful array of tastes and textures, and at the same time, draw upon a diverse array of culinary traditions.  My original recipes for savory dishes will rely on an abundance of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains and those for desserts will make no use of any refined sweeteners or flours.


I hope my recipes provide you with an arsenal of ideas to help you reach a place in which you eat whole foods based dishes without feeling deprived or unsatisfied and in which keeping yourself from eating  processed junk foods is no longer a matter of strict self-discipline and a warding off unnecessary feelings of guilt, but rather a matter of a lack of desire altogether.  What else can be more freeing than a life devoid of fighting guilt and exerting strict discipline on oneself when it comes to food?  Yes, you can look at your once favorite red velvet cake and walk way simply because you don’t want to eat it rather because you’ve just barraged and berated yourself with all the reasons you shouldn’t.   This process involves retraining your taste buds and by learning how to transform whole foods into gastronomical extravaganzas, you’ll be doing just that! (If you are interested in personalized, hands-on support for learning these recipes and more, please learn about my Cooking Classes in New York).


So let’s begin the journey of taking out the emotional negotiation from eating one recipe at a time so you can… EatFree!



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